The beautiful, highly curled gray-green leaves of Black Magic Lacinato/dinosaur kale.

Kale Lacinato Unity Grown

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Often referred to as Lacinato kale, and occasionally referred to as 'dinosaur' type kale, Black Magic is a dark gray-green variety of Toscano kale with tall, narrow leaves that grow in upright bunches.

Typically matures in 40-65 days, though younger bunches can be harvested early for a different texture.

Mature plants can reach up to 2' tall in large bunches that may extend into a stalk. With a wide spread from the center, even as an upright variety, plants should be spaced around 18-24" apart.

Plants are available in CP72 plugs (1.5" x 1.5" x 2.25"); early season plants are available the week of 3/15, late season plugs are available the week of 8/5.

If you buy 10 or more plug starters, save $0.25 on each!

(Photo courtesy of Johnny's Seeds)


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