Double-shredded hardwood mulch, the perfect multipurpose bulk mulching material.

Bulk - Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch per yard

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The perfect way to live up and protect a garden space, our double-shredded hardwood mulch is a natural hardwood-based mulching material that adds a warm wood-tone glow to beds and landscapes, and helps to protect plants from temperature swings, retains water to assist in garden labor, and breaks down over time to add nutrients into the soil.

Natural double shredded hardwood mulch is an undyed mulch selection and is available for bulk purchase by the yard and half-yard.

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Shipping & Delivery information

Shipping on plant material is limited by pot size and state legislation: Unity Church Hill Nursery will ship any plant ranging in size from plug to 1-gallon, but please check state requirements on plant material before requesting shipping information. Shipping and delivery can be discussed via email or phone, and after an order has been placed, shipping and processing costs will be presented as an additional invoice. Once payment has been received for the shipping costs, we will organize shipping; packages typically go out on Mondays and Tuesdays and will be accompanied by a notification email with tracking number.
For the delivery of bulk material and larger plants, including 3-gallon pots and larger, UCHN will work within our established delivery zone map, up to and including a 33-mile radius around the business address of 3621 Church Hill Road, Church Hill, MD 21623. Delivery fees beyond this radius up to 50 miles will include the initial delivery charge, plus a per-mile rate of $6. Please inquire via email or phone for more details.

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