Close up of thelypteris noveboracensis (New York Fern).
Thelypteris noveboracensis (New York Fern) grown in quart size pots.

Thelypteris noveboracensis (New York Fern) Unity Grown

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Thelypteris noveboracensis, commonly called New York fern, is a deciduous U.S. native woodland fern commonly found in shady areas in wet acidic lowland forests or bogs. Defined by its wispy green fronds found in dense clusters, New York fern is light green through the spring and summer before turning golden brown and dying back in the fall and winter. Fast growing, and able to out-compete other plants with its tolerance of low pH soils, New York fern forms large colonies thanks to its rhizomatic roots, and provides a great deal of groundcover and erosion control, as well as shelter for frogs and other small amphibians and mammals.

Growing to only one to two feet tall, New York fern is an excellent addition to naturalized woodland gardens, riparian buffers and wetland restoration projects, and any small, shady, and moist location in need of greenery. Thelypteris noveboracensis is tolerant of heavy shade and perpetually wet soils, and resistant to deer browsing. Although it prefers moist soil and part to full shade, New York fern will also tolerate drier conditions, so long as it stays in the shade.

Native to U.S., Native to Maryland, Native to Eastern Shore, and Straight Species
Mature Plant Height:Short: 12-29"
Full Shade (less than 4 hours of sun) and Part Shade/Sun (4-6 hours of sun)
Soil Moisture: Medium to Wet and Well-drained
Soil Type: Acidic and Wide Tolerance
Foliage Color: Green
Features: Groundcover, Erosion Control, Attracts Wildlife, Attracts Birds, and Fall Color
Tolerances: Deer Tolerant, Shade Tolerant, and Wet Soil Tolerant
Garden Type: Woodland Garden, Small Space, Container, and Wetland Restoration

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