January 2024 Newsletter

Screenshot of new website

As the newest member of the Unity Church Hill Nursery team, it is my pleasure to share with you all in a bit more detail the changes we’ve been making over the past several months to update our store and bring it online. As was briefly mentioned in the previous newsletters, we have been migrating from our previous inventory and point of sale system to something a bit more modern and accessible called Shopify.

The main impetus for this change was to be able to offer an online store that showcases our plants in a searchable, filterable digital catalog with live inventory that will make it easier than ever to pick out which plants might work best for your garden. We’re also hopeful that the transition to Shopify will streamline not only the checkout process at the nursery but also the personalized, hands-on experience with plant recommendations we’re known for here at Unity.

Each page of the new site contains species- and cultivar-specific information about optimal light, soil, and moisture conditions, as well as environmental tolerances (to things like drought, flooding, poor soils, or being demolished by deer), what type of garden the plants might work best in, and what sorts of pollinators and other critters you can attract with certain plants! In addition, we’re happy to announce easier remote ordering through the website, as all plant materials can now be purchased through the online store and picked up in person at your convenience.

Thanks for sticking with us on this journey to a new Unity experience (and through any speed bumps we may encounter along the way). We’re looking forward to introducing all our friends and customers to the new informational and educational resources we have to offer!

Mason Broderick, Nursery Sales & Production Associate

 Screenshot of shopping shrubs on new website